Triangle Fraternity would like to welcome you to the University of Oklahoma.

Triangle is the national men’s social fraternity of engineers, architects and scientists. There is no other organization on this campus like Triangle Fraternity. There are other social fraternities, but the focus of Triangle is upon one specific area of academics.

Engineering is a competitive field, and yet a team sport. It would be difficult for any individual to absorb the many hours of lectures, to transcribe the full text of all instructors’ notes. But with many minds working in concert — taking the same classes, studying together — engineering students help each other to graduate. For this reason, only the most technical of majors are allowed Brotherhood by the national bylaws. Architects, mathematicians, computer scientists, physicists, chemists and any engineering majors are all welcomed into the Brotherhood. Other majors have been admitted on a case by case basis, based on the degree requirements.

Grouping together students from the STEM majors provides non-academic benefits too. Many engineering students withdraw from interaction, socializing little and studying only in private. Four to five years of loneliness and boredom are a high price to pay, and no guarantee of success. Grades are not the only things that the job interviewer will be interested in.

Engineers should take advantage of the social aspects of university. Triangle helps Brothers not to forget this. By planning trips, parties and fun, the Brothers actually have a way to plan study around free time. At the same time, all Brothers understand academics have to take priority. At OU, we’ve always got something exciting coming up. Check out our Event Horizon to see what’s next.

Triangle was founded in 1907 at the University of Illinois with a group of Civil Engineering students who wanted to live together. Since then it has grown to more than 35 chapters at universities across the United States. Triangle first appeared on the OU campus in 1976 and was formally installed as the Oklahoma Chapter in 1979.

OU Triangles are also members of other social and technical organizations such as the Engineers’ Club and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers . Triangle is the only organization that is a member of both the Interfraternity Council and the College of Engineering St. Pat’s Council. Dr. Billy Crynes, Dean of the College of Engineering, and Dr. Brian P. Grady, professor Chemical Engineering and Material Science, Dr. John Snow, Dean of the College of Geosciences, and Dr. Anindya Das, professor Computer Science are all Triangle Brothers.

Triangle Brothers eat together, socialize together, study together, live together and graduate together.

Interested in joining Triangle or learning more about us? Visit the National Pages or e-mail us at: