In 2023, the Oklahoma Chapter’s alumni org established the Oklahoma Permanent Fund, which is a non-tax exempt endowment for the strict purposes of procuring and maintaining a long term fraternal home.

It was determined at that time that there is value in operating a shared living space for the brothers of Triangle in which enduring friendships could be formed. It was also determined that, given the inflation and economic uncertainty that existed in the greater US economy at that time that planting the seeds for future growth would require a long term vision. The Oklahoma Permanent Fund aims to solve both of these issues by ensuring that donations to the chapter are put to the best possible use, and it was seeded with an initial investment of $25,000 to support this goal.

Administered by Triangle Building and Housing Corporation as a debenture, the Oklahoma Permanent Fund’s interest/dividend payments may be used only for operational expenses linked to operating or procuring a chapter home, whereas the principal of this fund can only be used in the purchase of a new property in the chapter’s name.

To contribute to the Oklahoma Permanent Fund, donate here via our website and put “Oklahoma Permanent Fund” in the memo line.