The Beam Club was started around 2007 to recognize those brothers who have made $1,000 or more in voluntary financial contributions to the chapter.

Even though Oklahoma Triangle today does not have a chapter house, the Beam Club continues its mission in providing a strong financial base of support for Triangle to execute its mission.

The Oklahoma Chapter of Triangle would like to recognize the following brothers for their contributions to the fraternity.

Members are listed in no particular order:

  • Brandon W. Bagwell 133ok04
  • Daniel J. Pounder 119ok02
  • Jan C. Kilpatrick 107ok00
  • Stephen R. Mercer 84ok97
  • George R. Griffin 15ok78
  • John N. Watson 79ok95
  • Nathan D Forsythe 81ok91
  • Seth J. Burgess 88ok97
  • Kendall L. Rogers 95ok98
  • Marcos D. Stocco 74ok93
  • Phillip J. Doerpinghaus, Jr 75ok94
  • Craig S. Stewart 92ok98
  • Aaron G. Martin 111ok02
  • Jay W. Woods 35ok83
  • Mark A. Lindsay 47ok89
  • Steven M. Powers 126ok03
  • Shawn M. Prosser 123ok03
  • James C. Martin 217ok14
  • Tristan A. Hull 265ok18