On September 23rd, 2023, Alumni Brothers and guests attended a live showing of Everybody, a play written by Brandon Jacobs-Jennings.

Taking much of the thematic and plot elements from Triangle’s fraternal play, Everyman, Everybody attempts to tackle the existential questions we all face. What happens when we die? What does it mean to live a good life? What do we take with us in the end? Fortunately, for the men of Triangle fraternity, friendship and comradery are items we carry with us in our every day journey both during and after our college experience.

Fans of the original performance may find the new dialog refreshing, abandoning the classic 15th century dialog for more approachable wording. The goal of these revisions is to make it appeal to more modern audiences, as well as keep the content ‘fresh’ by randomizing the role assignment with each showing as actors select their roles via random lottery.

Everybody premiered off Broadway in 2017, and has been traveling the local community theater circuit ever since. Wherever it is performed, Triangles tend to creep into the audience. You see, in 1907, Triangle’s original founders fell in love with this performance piece, and for well over a hundred years Triangle brothers have made the play part of the fraternity’s DNA.

We as engineers are charged with solving the world’s most difficult problems while identifying the humanity in all of us. Yet, ultimately, we must learn humility from the problems we cannot so easily solve, and come to terms with the limitations of our own existence. Perhaps one day, Death too will be tamed, but that day has not yet come.

But when it does, we hope Triangle will light the way!

Oklahoma Alumni Brothers in front of the Weitzenhoffer Theatre, off Elm Street, Norman, OK, Sept 2023